Angel Rehab

Angel Rehab is a unique Seminar designed to help connect participantts to the Angel within.  Everyone has the potential to heal there past, rise above their challenges (As the Angel), and heal past scars both in this life and past lives.   J-Adam Smith derived this unique method by healing his own past. 


As a Natural teacher and mentor, J has been called to offer assistance to individuals around the World.  Most Importantly, help everyone regain control of their Body, Mind, and Spirit.  We can stop darkness and become Authentic.  It starts with a CHOICE.





Video Journal #1


J Adam Smith | Time to Live & Release.  This candid video of J-Adam Smith sharing an off the hip approach to Healing and Living.

Video Journal #2 


J Adam Smith | Get out of My Head! Once again, J Adam Smith has decided to record a candid discussion on Freedom from our unhealthy thoughts. How to get control of your emotions and Win back your Life. Why? Because its your Life.

Battling Dark Thoughts with KnoxHealing's Spiritual Advisor ~ J-Adam Smith


Inner Light Festival 2018 with Holistic Healer, Shaman, Speaker ~ J-Adam Smith. Topic of Discussion is "Get Out of My Head" a unique approach to spiritual combat & warfare. J is offering a Gift of Awakening in regards to the Battle between Light and Dark.

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