Healing of Angus:


In late October 2013, J had the unique privilidge to work on Angus.  Angus was not by any means a young dog.  He has had a long life and is getting older every day.  Angus has physical issues with his lower back along with many other issues throughout his body.  The day before my healing session, Angus lost almost all of his strength in his hind legs.  He could not get out of his dog bed and did not have the strength to even do his business.  He was constantly shaking and was obviously nearing the time to be put down.   J was asked in desperation, to help Angus.  Angus's owners were planning a vacation to Florida and were hoping to give him one last vacation. 


Thier vacation plans were in turmoil! 


Emotionally shaken, Angus's owners were trying to figure out what they were going to do?  They decided to contact ~ Rev. J Smith


"I was asked to perform a 30-minute session on Angus... I performed many different methods with Angus.  I used crystals, incense, verbal prayers and OM, and Healing Touch.  Immediagtely after the session, Angus was finally able to stand up under his own strength and was able to do his business.  Recovery was near 75%.... within  48hrs he had regained about 90%...  "I suggested that the clients use some form of anti-inflamatory, but surprisingly enough Angus knew how to escape taking it." says J


"I was hopeful that my methods would help, but thought a little medicine would add a little more assistance in recovery." says J


The client notified us that Angus made a full recovery and that they did not need to give him any medication. 




"I want to thank you very much for the healing session you gave my dog. He could hardly stand on his back legs and after a session with you he was dramaticly better. After a couple of days he was able to stand very well again, now he can even go up and down stairs again. thank you again, more people need to know about your healing abilities."

                                                                                                     sincerly, Al






Our pets are Our Family!


When they get sick, we need to find the same type of care that we would offer our own children.  J-Adam Smith has had opportunity to work with many animals who have gotten sick, lost life force energy, or even the will to heal.  With use of his unique ability of Energy Therapy and holistic healing methods, J has made a huge impact on these little beings.


Florida Vacation 2013 

Immediately following Healing

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