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Below are a collection of Video's from Healing Modalities, to Spiritual Warfare, and Paranormal Investigation

Inner Light Festival 2018 with Holistic Healer, Shaman, Speaker ~ J-Adam Smith. Topic of Discussion is "Get Out of My Head" a unique approach to spiritual combat & warfare. J is offering a Gift of Awakening in regards to the Battle between Light and Dark.

Special speaking engagement at Walter State Community College ~ Mildred Haun Conference 2018. Author Kevin Slimp of Ghostly Places in Tennessee and J Adam Smith with Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours were invited to share Ghostly Tales of the surrounding region.

Special Halloween Interview of J-Adam Smith: "The Psychic Examiner" J-Adam Smith was proud to have been invited as special guest on River 106.1FM Program Aired the morning of October 31st, 2012. Special thanks to Bruce Patrick & CJ, hosts of 106.1FM Knoxville, TN

J-Adam Smith is World renown Energy Healer, Spiritual Counselor, Motivational Speaker, & Shaman. This off the hip Video Blog shares how day-to-day struggles can be a thing of the Past... Live Today! Don't let the day pass without being Adventurous and as J-Adam Smith likes to share... Get In Trouble in a Good Way! You can learn more about J-Adam Smith and special programs which include a New Seminar in the planning stages called "Angel Rehab"


Questions: How do I overcome insecurity? How do I live life to the fullest? Insecurity is getting me down! How can I start living?

Special Interview with J-Adam Smith Shaman (Talking Elk), Empathic Energy Healer (The Psychic Examiner), and Spiritual Counselor with KnoxHealing. J-Adam Smith offers a World of Unique methodologies from Spiritual Warfare, Paranormal Investigation (The Paranormal Historian), Energy Healing for both Humans and Animals, and unique convention series called Angel Rehab.

River 106.1 Interview J-Adam Smith: Founder of Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours  Sept 26, 2012

Video Journal ~ J Adam Smith | Get out of My Head! Once again, J Adam Smith has decided to record a candid discussion on Freedom from our unhealthy thoughts. How to get control of your emotions and Win back your Life. Why? Because its your Life.

J-Adam Smith | The Psychic Examiner was honored to be interviewed by the One-and-only Bob & Cheri Show! ~ October 2nd 2013

J-Adam Smith is uniquely changing humanity one spirit at a time. With his gifts of Intuition and Empathy he is able to help those that have died, but have not crossed into the light. He answers the call of those spirits that are trapped between the worlds, known as Spirit Rescue. Here in the physical dimension he is guided to help the living with their physical, emotional and spiritual blocks so they might heal and experience life to its fullest.

J is also changing how people think about the paranormal by leading workshops on developing intuition, connecting to your guides and lecturing on the evolution of the Spirit. As a certified Reiki Practitioner, Minister, Empath, Intuitive and Medium, J offers a variety of healing modalities, techniques and readings to encompass the "Whole Being'." 

Awakening The Unknown
Great 2hr Show featuring J-Adam Smith "The Angelic Shaman".... Great Show!!!
~ 11/15/2018 ~

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