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~ J-Adam Smith


J is a nationally renowned Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Counselor, Healer, and Shaman.   J's mission is to encourage others to heal, rediscover their wings, and once again find their Light.  Thru the trials and turbulations of his own life, he was divinely inspired to create a unique method of healing called “Angel Rehab”. The method releases attachments, burdens, and past emotions, which allows the individual to heal just as he once did.  J's life is nothing less than inspirational.  

Specialties include:  Spirit Communication,  Home cleansing and Clearing,  Crystal Gridding, Psychic Self-Defense, Spiritual Warfare, Spirit Release, Angelic Shamanism, and much more.

Empathic Energy Healing
cherokee chickamauga wolf clan

I Am Honored to Share that on 11/27/15, I have proven myself as a Shaman with the Vice-Chief "Smok-In-Eyes" of the Chicamaguan Cherokee Wolf Clan Teaching Council and have been been officially recognized and have been honored with a ceremony to mark this monumental occasion. I have been given the name of "Talking Elk". I have always felt a deep connection with the Native American community and am truly honored to be accepted as a brother with them.

Ordained Minister
Dowsing & Gridding Instructor
Meditational Violinist

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