"Blue Sky's" on a cold rainy day

Mother Earth hears our Voice

This morning I had a profound experience that reminds me of how Mother Earth is ever present and ever listening to our intentions. Today, I decided to stand on my front porch in my subdivision. The weather is gray, cold, and rainy... Signs of wild life were non-existent on this cold and damp morning. I decided to sing in the most heart felt and loving way a song that reminded me of peace. I sang "Blue Skies" by Irvin Berlin.

"Blue skies Smiling at me Nothing but blue skies Do I see


Bluebirds Singing a song Nothing but bluebirdsAll day long"

Out of nowhere came two absolutely radiant Blue Birds and they sat in the tree in my front yard. They felt my love and wanted to remind me that even on the gloomiest of days, that my voice and intentions are heard. When other wildlife is hidden and hunkered down due to the gloomy weather, these two birds came to visit me. Reminding me that even in the harshest of weather our voices count, our voices are heard...

Let this remind each and everyone of you, that even when you feel your voice is not heard, Father God and Mother Earth are ever present.

Thank you Bluebirds, you are true messengers of peace and I will remember you always,

J-Adam Smith | Talking Elk

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