I Walk in the Woods

I walk in the woods. I see serenity. I feel love and support.

The trees are interconnected. Life is interconnected. I see all different species of trees and bushes living harmoniously together. They prepare for the winter together. They celebrate the changing seasons together.

The colors of the leaves are magnificent. The leaves are not judged. I do not hear trees judging each other for the different colors they offer while the seasons change. When I look around on the ground, I see a multitude of colors of leaves intermixed, and no division. I do not see piles of red leaves and yellow leaves in this forest. They are mixed.

They are mixed together by the bond that Mother Earth has given them. Mother Earth breathes through the wind, communicates through the wind, reminds them of her presence in the wind. Mother Earth never ceases to amaze these trees. I feel her ever-present force in the wind. I feel the presence of additional trees ahead and above and around, and I hear them, almost like they are talking. Mother Earth is talking through them.

I cannot tell you how many times in my life I have recognized Mother Earth communicating through the wind. I feel pushed in those times by Mother Earth who wants to let me know that she is there supporting me. I am struggling and I am having a hard time, but in that brief moment, everything is OK. The wind takes me. I feel the wind, and it feels good and supportive.

How often are we aware of Mother Earth in our lives? This stillness of the forest allows these trees and these plants to be reminded regularly. With the chaotic lives we lead, we can find it challenging to hear Mother Earth, but occasionally we do hear her cry. We hear her pain now in the fires burning throughout the country.

It is sad and it is painful, and it hurts to hear her hurt.

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