Uncertainty & Fear of Tomorrow

There is POWER in prayer... Darkness is fought by the power of intention. That distinctive/invisible/undefinable thing that faith is built upon can change the World. Standing Rock has been utilizing this exact method and has been making history. The unconditional Love, the intentions, and the unwavering capacity has and will continue to impact the World. This physical existence we are walking through is only a fraction of who we are and what we are made up of. We are Spiritual Beings living a Human Life, not vice versa... Manifestation needs to be taught to all, young and old. We create the reality by our intentions and what we focus on. My World is HEALING, Evolving, and at Peace! What are you creating in your World?

The United States has a lot of uncertainty. The Drama and the Panic have a magnetic effect on humanity. This magnetic effect wants to pull you in. "Send prayers of Peace... Not Anger. Send Healing energy to the true Warriors on the front line... Not Fear." Disconnect yourself from the manipulation in the Media, the judgemental behavior toward your Brothers and Sisters of the Universe, and your Anger towards the governing body. This World has taken many centuries to spiral into what it is today... Let's reverse the Spiral thru intention.

How Can I Help?

You can help thru prayer and intention. Prayers has typically been taught to us as a last resort. GOD HELP ME IN MY TIME OF NEED! Much of the time our prayers are for yourself, which has hidden selfish desires mixed in. My greatest moments of healing have come after my prayers for others. Why? Because to give is Divine. There is nothing more pure.

Many times we call upon help from the creator Father God and Mother Earth when we are in need and/or in panic. Brothers and Sisters, we have been taught wrong. Communication with Mother Earth and Father God needs to be on a regular basis. The communication needs to be in confidence and with true Faith, not in Fear, because fear will reverse the intention.

Say this mantra out-loud:

"I Am Peace (Visualize a waterfall clearing off all negativity/ like a baptism), I Am Love (Let your Heart open and give unconditional love to both you and all of humanity) I Am Light (This is the most powerful part where you exude that magnificent light that can heal the World)

* Understand that we can not be Lightworks without being Peace and Love ~ FIRST!!

I have had the opportunity to feel the power of the Universe in my life and I am here to share that you can attain the same thing.

May the Universe guide you and heal you,

J Adam Smith (Talking Elk)

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A special Thank you to TheFreeThoughtProject.com for providing the picture and the inspiration for this talk.

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