Honorary Shaman: A Connection to Mother Earth & My Native American Family

Hello All, or Aho (with Great Thankfulness to the Native American tradition)...

I was bestowed with a wonderful gift in November of 2015. The gift was much more than titles, it was more about connecting to the Great Spirit and Mother Earth. My journey brought me to North Carolina to stay with a family enriched with Native American roots, traditions, and values...

While there, I was asked to perform Healings, blessings, gridding, etc... It was such an amazing honor to be blessed with the opportunity to share the gifts that the heavens have bestowed upon me. Here is what I shared after my visit:

"I Am Honored to Share that on 11/27/15, I have proven myself as a Shaman with the Vice-Chief "Smok-In-Eyes" of the Chicamaguan Cherokee Wolf Clan Teaching Council and have been been officially recognized and have been honored with a ceremony to mark this monumental occasion. I have been given the name of "Talking Elk". I have always felt a deep connection with the Native American community and am truly honored to be accepted as a brother with them."

As I stated Above... I am so honored to be recognized as a Shaman, but I feel the strongest and most powerful aspect to what happened that weekend was I connected to Mother Earth and my Native American Spirit Family.

As leaving the Mountains of North Carolina, I found myself captivated to connect to the spirits on my journey home. I pulled off the road and decided to meditate on my new native american family... Within seconds, I see two war painted eyes squinting at me, very defensive and protective (This was seen through my psychic minds eye)... Of course my natural reaction was, "oh boy that is nerve racking"... At that moment, I knew what was happening. This was the first time I called upon them and they were evaluating me.

My response was very honest and it was full of energetic backing... "I am your Brother, Talking Elk, We are all One... " Almost instantaneously , I felt an over whelming amount of Love and support. I could feel the thousands of warrior spirits in the Cherokee National Forest that day. I truly felt connected to something much much bigger.

<<<Coming Soon! Connecting to my Native American spirit guide "Grey wolf" >>>

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