Heart Intimacy: A Self Reflection

Journal entry:

Heart Intimacy For many years, I have been subconsciously in search for a perfect match/partner. My search has countlessly been met with disappointment and dread due to incompatibilities or simply free choice of the chosen individuals...

The realization I came to this morning was that even though it would be amazing to find that "completion" of self thru another person (limited character trait), I must recognize that my Love for others must be unconditional, not circumstantial. Life is about being in a relationship with All... Without any inner desires causing confusion.

Friendships are one of the most powerful relationships for they teach us what giving is truly about ... Having unconditional Love and abundance for everyone allows the individual (the lead character in our stories) to truly win in all matters of the heart. We must be Love in all ways, for Love Must be given to be expected in return.

This has truly been a Freeing day for me, for disappointment will no longer occur in my reality. The only disappointment would be losing more Friendships due to limited selfish desire(s). My life is full of abundance and now that I truly understand myself better I will be capable of experiencing an even greater abundance; LOVE.

Reconnect with those you have pushed away, because you felt deep feelings of Love Without return. Embrace a new form of Heart Intimacy, one where there are no rules or guidelines. May your Day be full of Heart Intimacy Namaste, J Adam Smith

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