"I just recently had a major reading and healing session with J... He has a unique ability to channel the information about oneself. He gave me accurate personal information about myself, and also,  information that confirmed areas that I felt were true and curious about. During my healing session, J did a body scan with his hands, and pinpointed every location that I was experiencing pain. His hands warmed, as he pulled the pain from my body. What an experience I have had with this Healer. I highly recommend him. Looking forward to my next session.

Thank You J!" 

                                                                    Joan B.  Lima, OH


"My experience with J was nothing short of mind blowing! He picked up on things about me that only people who knew me personally would know. His reading of me was accurate and thing things he told me were spot on, and made so much sense to me. I had always been skeptical of psychic healers in the past. But this experience changed my viewpoint entirely. In addition to his accuracy, J-Adam was very professional and personable. I would recommend him to anyone..."

                                                                   JMS  Lemoore, CA





"I want to thank you very much for the healing session you gave my dog. He could hardly stand on his back legs and after a session with you he was dramaticly better. After a couple of days he was able to stand very well again, now he can even go up and down stairs again. thank you again, more people need to know about your healing abilities."

                                                                                   sincerly, Al





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